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Will this game be available on android in the future?

Unfortunately, try as I might, I just can't get this to work on the Steam Deck. The appimage works fine when running it directly in desktop mode, but it refuses to run when added to Steam as a Non-Steam Game, and as such won't work in game mode. 😒

I'm pleased to announce that I finally managed to get it to work. There's just two things you need to know to get the native Linux version running on the Steam Deck:

1) Make sure the filepaths are correct. BoilR messed this up when importing the game through itch, I had to go to the game's properties in Steam and manually browse to the appimage again for Steam to fill in the correct filepaths.

2) You need to use "--no-sandbox" in the game's Launch Properties from within Steam.

And boom! Works perfectly fine! I personally recommend changing the left joystick in Steam Input to mimic the d-pad, so you can use both the d-pad and joystick to move.


Thanks for figuring this out!

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i did Play On android by run in web browser and This Happen Everything invisible except that thing



Man this game is amazing. The Pixel art are amazing and very hot too. hehe I'd love to have more to play. I love it...

Just downloaded it and played for a bit, but the game's so great I had to come and comment. Congrats!

will there be an android version?

No Android version is planned. The game would not run well, nor would the controls be any fun.


I can't seem to get the last cutscene I already got the dominance and corruption scene but there is one that is still missing for me there. I tried punching boss until it is defeated but it only said that your punch is worthless or something like that...


Beat the game without ever saving

Oh thanks!

I've played this on a PC, but because now the PC has been sold for something, so I want to play, but i just had android but there no android device and hopefully in the future there will be andro version

it won't be since the game is not gonna get any update , the game is completed.

Any tips on how to defeat the punk god boss? Idk what to do when the spikes come up and rainbow fireballs come out of no where lol please help


Punch or grab the ball gag in the colossal orc's mouth


Hi, can you try to make an Android version? please πŸ™

This is an amazing game! Bit sad it didnt get more levels but Its still one of if not My All Time Favorite Bara Game.  Thank you for porting it to Itch!

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I forgot to add this: I really appreciate you added an USB controller support. Originally it was very difficult for me to play it on keyboard, but now it works flawlessly with my PS3 controller (I'm using SCP) and tonight I'm gonna play it. A LOT.

It was great before, now it's perfect.


Completely agree! This is the perfect mix of fun and hot, with amazing music and art. Controller support was the only thing it was missing, so happy to see it added!


Beautifully crafted game, from the art to the music and the story. Even the combat feels good once you get used to it. Was hoping there was an easter egg when defeating the final boss while drunk, but as it'll be extremely hard without debug mode, I can see why there wasn't one.


I must say, your game is absolutely one of the best bara games I've ever played. Thank you for uploading here to itch, you're a legend.




strange flesh is so iconic. what made y'all decide to upload it to in 2022?


Lots of things! 

  • Encouragement from other members of the bara scene on here
  • Desire to let people know we are still alive
  • Build a following on a receptive platform before our next project drops 😏

"before our next project drops"  πŸ‘€ πŸ’¦

There are loads of hardcore porn games on Steam these days. Any plans to bring SF there?

it dont work


Could you elaborate? What kind of system are you on? In what way does it not work?

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i use windows and it just turns purple when i start

edit:i tried redownloading it and now it dosent work at all

Does the web version work?


I really LOVE this Game.

Yet, I've just tried to play it on my standard-Linux-PC now and I get a white screen only but in the background everything seems to work fine.

So, "Electron" cannot be installed into this WINE-Emulator on Lutris it seems, so I won't be able to enjoy it until I either can find a solution for it (my Manjaro Distro has the Electron installed btw., so maybe I'll just need to use "System Libraries" - I'll tinker around with that for a bit, when I have the time).

But in the meantime: if you have still the source files for the Game, is there any possibility to try and build a Linux-Version from it, that uses the Linux-System's drivers and Electron maybe?

I'm sure other "Penguin"-OS-Fans would be happy about that, too. ^_^ <3

Cheers and still love the Game though - even though I can't play it without switching to another one of my Computers (Windows-Laptop or MacBook) sadly...

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I actually have a Linux build but since I don't have a way to do ANY QA testing, I didn't feel confident listing it. I literally don't even know if it runs.

If you'd like to test it out, here's a link. If it works for you and you think it's of not-embarrassing quality, I'd be happy to list it on the game's page!

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Woohoo! You're awesome, thanks! <3

I just started it - it's actually the first App-Image Application I've ever used on my Manjaro Linux so far, but it runs "like butta"/awesomely so far - I'll post it under here if I find any bugs, hang-ups or weird behavior altogether.

But so far, it's like one of the smoothest experiences I've had. Woohoo! I hope there isn't anything as I play along, but so far it's just as I remember it when first playing it on my Windows PC a couple of years ago.

Only thing missing to create a proper Desktop Launcher, is an Icon for the Launcher - either an *.ico or a *.png with the Game Logo would be cool to include in the Package for Linux since it's a little different to Windows and doesn't show it automatically as the App-Image-Icon (I still had the Windows-ZIP handy and could use the Icon from that one for now - but for other Linux Users, it'd be nice to include it in the Linux-ZIP  ^_^).


Not sure how else I could set the icon in electron-builder (it's already set according to all the docs I have found) but I can include the full res icon in the Extras folder going forward.

Thanks for giving this a test and I've added it to the official downloads.

I don't think you need to worry about that - it's probably got something to do with Linux rather than your build then.

And since the Game's running in Fullscreen for me anyway, I don't care much about the Icon when it's started.
And the Icon for the Desktop Launcher is always manually added for Linux - at least in most cases since creating a Desktop Launcher involves adding an Icon manually on my Cinnamon Desktop UI, that I use with Manjaro.

So, no worries there for you, i.m.h.o. <3

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This game was one of my all-time-favs so it's great to see it on itch now! 

I seriously wished there could be more bara games like this one that combines bara content with side-scrolling fighting, but there wasn't so SF stays unchallenged!

This game is SO good, I love it!


Uma versΓ£o para Android?

Love, love, loved this game when it came out, so glad to have an excuse to play it again now it's on Itch.


This game has been out for a WHILE.

Show post...

NICE ARCADE ..vibes final fight


Holy Smoke ! Hello there !
It's have been years I didn't came here.
Bartender, your 'special' please.


Played this a few years ago and it was fun. Glad to see it on itch as well.


Holy shit its on here now OMG YES

this is one of my most fav pixel art games of all time, the artstyle, the super detailed animations of attacks and "other" kinds of 'attacks' πŸ‘€πŸ’¦ superb beat 'em up game 🌟


The experience playing this game:

(But also with cigars πŸ₯΄ )


Ah, Strange Flesh. The one game I wish I could beat one-handed, but can't.


I doubt I could beat it with two hands. This game is incredibly difficult.

Granted, I never play beat-em-ups. They could all be this difficult, I have no idea.


It's great seeing this absolute gem on Itch, so it'll be more accessible for a lot of the gay crowd here.

For those of you who don't know it, Strange Flesh is a supremely polished and soulful game released back in 2017. An absolute gem among gay games that achieved a level of quality and craftsmanship that, to this day, is basically unheard of.

In case you want to take a quick look, I'm attaching below a review by chapomon and the start of a LP from Crippled Critic, along with some of the songs from the soudntrack to give you a taste of things.

(As a little side comment, to this day very few gay games go as far as having a proper, completely original soundtrack. Some do but it's definitely the exception. And here we have Strange Flesh which, never skimping on the polish and production values, hit a homerun right upon release.)

So... Yes, play this game. It's absolutely worth your time.


Thanks so much for the kind words and prodding me to get the game on itch. The community here seems fantastic.


So….when do we get the next in the series? 😈

If you want more, here are two other bangers: